Olive the Alchemist

Hire a world-class aquatic character performer for your upcoming event or dive into the world of mermaiding for yourself as an Alchemist’s Apprentice.

Olive the Alchemist owns and operates Alchemy Aquatics Entertainment LLC and The Seattle Mermaid School.

The Alchemist is the world’s First Mersona Performance Specialist. They combined years of experience in a rigorous, professional-level role as a mermaid character performer with Walt Disney World Entertainment and over a decade of Olympic-level aquatic training to craft a tiered mermaid curriculum with instruction options appropriate for all ages and skill levels.

Along with training beneath Olympic and Olympic-Qualifying Athletes including Michael Phelps, Olive has a PADI National Geographic Specialty open water scuba certification and a PADI Advanced Mermaid certification.

The Alchemist is internationally award winning as a mermaid character performer and is well known as a thought leader for their professional-development lectures on mermaid performance at aquatic conventions all across America.


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