Mermaid Esmerelda Inc. in FL and worldwide for your party

Mermaid Esmerelda Inc brings unique, enchanting land and underwater performances paired with the perfect live decor for all events! Whether you’re Shellebrating your Little Mermaid’s 1st Birthday or your 50th Wedding Anniversary, Mermaid Esmerelda has the deal for you! Have an upscale corporate charity event coming up and need something to really WOW those sponsors? Or if you need to spruce up your nightlife entertainment options, Mermaid Esmerelda does it!

Book Mermaid Esmerelda now for your next special event! No pool? No worries! Ask Mermaid Esmerelda for pop-up pool packages, stunning living decor options as well as group classes, singing and music options, aerial shows, and beyond!



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About Mermaid Esmerelda

I was born in the warm waters of Miami Beach Florida in the spring of 1993 as the city was rebuilding and turbulent waters receded away from the land. I grew up playing in those waters, soaking up the sun, and smiling as the little school of guppies swam past me, tickling my fingers and toes. I met the artist Huong when I was walking home from school one day and little did I know, together we would embark on a life long journey to protect the seas. I worked the museum circuit for a while as I grew into myself.

After beginning my academic career in FlU, I chose to study abroad to expand my worldview and learned how to scuba dive for the first time. My dive instructor would get frustrated with me because I wanted to stay down longer and longer each time. When I came up to the shore, I felt like I couldn’t walk or breathe normally anymore….. I quickly became more comfortable in the ocean than I felt on land. Since my youth, I have loved and respected the ocean for the powerful force it is.

Upon my return to my hometown, I began to work more closely with local Miami artist Huong to sell the Everlasting Aquariums while I worked evenings as a mermaid performer in various popular nightlife locations including LIV, Story, Mr. Jones, ASTRA, and others. I attended the California Mermaid Convention and competed as an athlete in the World Mermaid Championship in 2019 as a member of Team USA. I collaborate with many beautiful, diverse groups of mermaids from across the country and globe. I am available for bookings at your most convenient location.

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