Mermaid Astarte Dentata

Make your event magical with a mermaid meet & greet!
From diving party games in your home or community pool, to quiet storytime encounters in your guppy’s favorite chair, Mermaid Astarte will delight little fishes of all ages.


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Mermaid Astarte has been flipping her fins in the water since 2016. In 2021, she was crowned Miss Mermaid Connecticut in the annual Miss Mermaid USA pageant (a division of Miss Mermaid International). She has also been welcomed as a Steward of the Court by the nobles of Mermaid at Any Age.  


Mermaid Astarte loves blowing bubbles and sharing sparkles with her friends. 


With a focus on water safety, Astarte is happy to swim with merfolk of all ages. As a longtime instructor with Aquamermaid International, she is proud to give group lessons or one-on-one guidance to mer-beginners. And as a former science teacher, Astarte LOVES sharing tips about hydrodynamics. Ask her the difference between fish and marine mammals; It’s a secret that she’s excited to share!


Mermaid Astarte is an SSI (Scuba Schools International) certified mermaid and nationally registered EMT. She has also been a frequent feature on the pages of Fins Magazine.


Above all else, Mermaid Astarte cares about human kindness and emotional safety. Mermaid Astarte is here for all merfolk, of any gender, race, culture, age, size, shape, ability, or experience. The magic of the deep belongs to everyone. All are welcomed in Astarte’s grotto. And in her heart. 

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